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My review of Pleanty of Fish Ė

As the premier free dating site online, I expected something a little different on Pleantyoffish. Functionally everything is in working order and I know itís been user tested. I just wish they would have used a little different design so as to not look so amateur-like. While I am not totally in love with the sitesí organization, I will say that they are the real deal in terms of finding a date. It seems like you can find just as many women on Pleantyoffish as anyone could find on match or one of the bigger sites. I wanted to get a sense from others why they joined in the first place. Hereís what Iíve foundÖ

Fred from Anchorage, AK Ė

There are virtually no girls up where Iím from and I first went to Pleantyoffish because I was heading down to California for a summer and wanted to see if I could land some dates before getting there. The problem was that other sites were charging anywhere from thirty to a hundred bucks a month! I needed something cheaper or free. At the time I typed ďfree dating onlineĒ into my browser and it was the first to show up. The site looked like a cheap rip off when I first went there but like so many others (I think), I was compelled to sign up since there were a ton of singles in the area I was looking for and itís free.

Kathryn from Dubuque, IA Ė

I liked Pleantyoffish because of the searches I could do. A lot of the other sites donít allow me to search things like height or whether or not a guy has a car. While those shouldnít be very important, they turn out to be. If a guy is taller, heís more confident and if he doesnít have a car then he probably canít support both me and him. Iím not saying that I need some tall rich guy, but I do have limits on what Iím willing to accept.

Anonymous from Carson City, CA Ė

It is filled with girls. Itís that simple. There are more girls on Pleantyoffish than any of the major pay sites. The thing I like about the girls I meet from the site is that I can actually get a date and some action all within a week. All the other sites offer real relationships and you can find yourself committed real quick, but not on this site. There is something special here and I like it. Iím trying to stay single but have some fun on the side. Actually, truth be told Iím not totally single right now but donít my girlfriend that.

Bea from Cape Canaveral, FL Ė

The guys on here are all jerks. Itís like there is a special brand of jerk that goes to this siteÖ the cheap one. I did not have a great experience and will not be going back. My advice to the girls out there is to stay aware from it, and if you do have the urge to check it out then keep your guard up for at least three dates.

Carrie from Springfield, IL Ė

I liked Pleantyoffish a couple years ago when I first tried it, but havenít been particularly happy with the new people signing up as of late. It seems like there are a lot more people (guys and girls) going here to get some instead of trying to meet someone. Iím not sure why thatís shifted so dramatically but it has, so youíve got to be weary of the people youíre talking with here.

Kevin from Sacramento, CA Ė

I was on chemistry for about a year before I decided to give this a shot. I had no luck there, in fact not even one date. It seemed like every girl Iíd start talking to would just vanish into thin air after a couple conversations. While I am no Don Juan, Iím also no Steve Urkel so my confidence wasnít hit too hard. If I wasnít a socially confident guy and spent time on that site, I would have felt pretty inadequate. The other issue was just a lack of girls to talk to. They would pick the girls to talk with me and I hardly ever saw anyone I was interested in. A friend told me about Pleantyoffish so I gave it a shot. I didnít change my game or anything and Iím getting about a date per week. I attribute it all to this great web page.

So there it is, most people love the site because of the quality (and quantity) of the opposite sex you can meet. The other thing I will mention is the accessibility of meeting new people. They make the searches really easy and you can email or wink at anyone, you donít have to go through all of the red tape like Iíve seen with other dating sites. Overall itís a good site and I recommend it to anyone whoís single in their 20ís or even early 30ís. There are improvements they can make (ie: site organization, graphics, user ease) but those are all things that the primary clientele doesnít seem to care about.